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Kess v4.036 full firmware(trucks boats ) +Ktag fw 6.070 full +ksuite 2.08 safe

Started by: Files-solution

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Kess v4.036 full firmware(trucks boats ) +Ktag fw 6.070 full +ksuite 2.08 safe
I have for everybody an big pack 
Ksuite 2.08 internet safe 
Fw v4.024 full 
Fw v4.036 with cars and vans that is already here 
Fw v4.036 with all protocols active Cars,Trucks ,Tractors theoretically unlimited tokens . 
+Rework informations for kess 
Fw v6.070+ktm100 software +rework informations for ktag 
Rework informations for Fgtech v53
Rework informations for mpps v16 
Install new fw instructions made by a member 
The steps i followed:
1.Connection to KTAG with serial dongle(cp21xx).
2.Flashed the file Lucian\Ktag 5.001 to 6.070\K-tag\fwnx.hex with flash magic and verified.
3.Installed Ksuite 2.08 from original setup then deleted all files/folders from c:\ksuite\ and replaced with those in folder "Lucian\Ktag 5.001 to 6.070\K-tag\Ksuite\"
4.Installed Ktag USB driver manually.
5.Copied \Ktag 5.001 to 6.070\K-tag\update\*.* to c:\ksuite\update\
6.Copied folder \Ktag 5.001 to 6.070\KSuite208\Dll\ to c:\ksuite\
7.Copied file \Ktag 5.001 to 6.070\KSuite208\Device.s3d to c:\ksuite\
8.Formatted SD card to FAT16.
9.Connected Ktag power and usb and started ksuite.This time all protocols were grayed out.
10.Closed Ksuite disconnected/reconnected ktag usb and restarted ksuite.It started updating devices and when finished all protocols are active.

Links in pm after thanks+rep .
Thanks given by: Hermanved , Cieniu , MichaelKek , Robertwitte , pom_vr2

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